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ACT/SAT Prep Resources


Use this information sheet to guide you through various free, online ACT/SAT preparation resources below
that are in addition to the activities we normally recommend:

1.                                                     2.
10 – 15 minutes a day; 5 to 6 days a week; can lead to a 2 – 12 point increase on ACT Composite [we have seen it] or 100 – 350 point increase on the SAT Composite 
Additional resources: – ACT Academy provides free resources for students that are unique to their learning gaps. Access the best resources from top publishers, all in one place, and accurately aligned to standards – SAT practice exam directly from the College Board – SAT practice questions directly from the College Board – use your PSAT Access Code for great SAT Preparation and analysis for SAT Prep – Diagnostic SAT Exam (timed with ability to pause, graded upon conclusion instantly, solutions provided with video and/or written explanation) – Free Comprehensive SAT Prep Website – Wordsmith Challenge (SAT prep game designed to help prepare you for SAT verbalsections) – Tons of SAT practice and study guides from an SAT expert - Expert blog on how to tackle the SAT verbal section with exercises, grammar rules, critical reading tips, essay writing guide, idiom list, etc. – Hundreds of SAT practice questions with step-by-step explanations of the correct answer for each question – SAT study guides, practice tests, SAT Wiki, practice questions, test prep videos, flashcards, and cram sheets – SAT practice exam and questions (allows you to choose content sections to focus on) – Register with Princeton Review for free and get access to a free online practice test – Register with Kaplan Test Prep for free and get access to a free online practice test – Prep Interactive SAT tutoring videos – Hundreds of online quizzes to help study for the SAT – Vocabulary practice questions (for each correct answer the website donates 10 grains of rice to help end global hunger) – Webinars and videos outlining effective SAT strategies to maximize your score