Kindergarten Announcement

Dear Parents,
Well, these are truly uncharted waters that we as a classroom find ourselves in today!  However, we are all in this together. 
I have prepared a learning packet for your student.  In this packet you will find various activities that I had incorporated into your student's daily schedule.  Please be aware that as a general rule, I OVER PLAN. In not way do I want you to feel that each and every task must be completed.  The items enclosed in your student's packet, were based on a full day of school.  So, you may breath!  Hopefully, you will find that I have included the correct school supplies to complete any and all of my assignments.  Your packet should include: classwork that is divided into daily work, two pencils, watercolors, scissors, erasers, two glue sticks, crayons, behavior/work incentive chart with stickers, Cat ears (listening ears), and an alphabet strip.
Classwork: Complete daily.  Friday assignments are the only thing that I would like you to take a picture of and upload  to me either on a text message, or email to me. These assignments are due Sunday evening by midnight.  Please keep the letter art in a safe place until we can return. Please refer to my links page for the read aloud on YouTube.
Letter Art Projects and Literature Projects:  These projects are to be kept at home until further notice, or when we return, please.  I am purposely not accepting any papers from anyone.  I do not want to risk transmitting germs from me to you, or you to me. 
School School Supplies: I will need the scissors back  when we return to school.  Please let me know if you run out of these supplies and I will get you more.
Login and Contact Information: Enclosed in your packets, I will be giving you my personal cell number along with the login information for your student.  Please keep this information private.  You may share my phone number among those in our class, but limit my information to this classroom.  Keep the information regarding your student private.  Do not share their login information with anyone.  If anyone has a question, please ask me.  Either email me, message me,call me, or text me regarding ANYTHING.
My Office HoursI will be at school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 8-12. I am not limited to those hours.  I will also be available by cell or email whether I am at school or home.  My email address is [email protected] and my cell is 325-330-2970
As far as my work and assignments go, please enjoy the learning experience with your child.  I will help with any questions.  Should you need a face to face conversation, download the Duo app on your device as I have an android device.  We can communicate through the app. 
Blessings to you all,
Mrs. Clark