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  • Assessment Attributes: This chart compares TAKS and STAAR based on the primary features of the state assessment program and provides a quick overview of the major differences between the two programs.
  • Assessed curriculum: The assessed curriculum documents show the reporting categories(referred to as objectives on TAKS) for each assessment as well as the TEKS that are eligible to be assessed. The eligible TEKS student expectations grouped under each reporting category are divided into those that are considered essential for academic readiness and those that are considered supporting. See attachment A for details about the specific distinctions between readiness standards and supporting standards.
  • Test blueprints for the grades/subjects and courses assessed. The test blueprints show the reporting categories, the number of questions and TEKS student expectations assessed in each reporting category, and the number of questions on the test overall. All blueprints are final with the exception of the US history, world history and world geography. The preliminary blueprints included for the assessment for these courses will be reviewed by Texas educators in early 2011 prior to finalization.
  • STAAR test Design
  • Assessment of process skills

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