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Gorman Independent School District

Cosmetology Program

Cosmetology 1 & 2


First and Second Semester

Gorman ISD 510 W. Lubbock St. (PO BOX 8)


Lynn Shawndelle Harrington

[email protected]

Phone 254-734-3171

Office Hours 8:00am -12:00pm


This is a 2-year program that offers 1000 hours of the following technical requirements.


This course will satisfy the above Curriculum standards. The program combines coursework in theory with hands-on salon procedures. Through our integrated curriculum, students will develop confidence, sharpen technical skills by increasing speed and proficiency, and work toward mastery of professional skills. Students will have the opportunity to express their creativity and talent in hair, skin, and nail care, and learn the latest salon techniques. Through mandatory attendance in our on-site salon, students will learn to build clientele and develop interpersonal skills that are necessary in a professional environment. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to apply cosmetology concepts and practical skills safely and competently in the salon setting. Students explore areas such as bacteriology, sterilization and sanitation, hair styling, manicuring, shampooing and the principles of hair cutting, hairstyling, hair coloring, skin care, and facial makeup. The student research careers in the personal care


  • Follow all laws, rules, regulations, and responsibilities of students that are outlined in the TDLR Laws and Rules Book.
  • Attend each class session and arrive on time and stay the entire class block. If an emergency arises that prevents class attendance, late arrival, or early departure, inform the instructor as soon as possible. Keep in mind if you are absent, you cannot participate, and this will affect your grade.
  • Be actively involved in class by thoughtfully contributing to discussions, tasks, and assignments.
  • Support the development of a classroom community of mutual respect, collaboration, and support.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to monitor Canvas and Grade Speed and to ensure they obtain the information to catch up on missed class content.
  • Hardcopies of assignments should be turned in during class unless otherwise instructed.
  • Every student is expected to abide by federal laws, laws of the state of Texas and local ordinances. Violation of certain federal and state laws shall constitute a violation of this Code of Conduct and appropriate discretionary or mandatory disciplinary measures will be imposed.
  • Electronic files should be labeled with the student’s name.
  • Complaints should be registered privately
  • Students may not begin services on clients, others, or themselves without instructor approval
  • Students are working under licensed instructors and should follow instructor directions.
  • Students may not refuse learning assignments. If a student needs special accommodations, they should request to speak with their instructor privately
  • Students are required to maintain a positive professional attitude
  • Follow all safety precautions when using chemicals, with instructor permission
  • Clean and sanitize all work areas according to TDLR standards
  • Begin assigned work when you arrive to class


Discussion Board Daily Grade:

Students are expected to engage in class discussions in person or online. Students are required to study the topic and have 2-3 talking points on the daily readings/ online lesson. When disagreement occurs, students are encouraged to respectfully challenge, listen and demonstrate tolerance for opposing viewpoints.

Test Grade Assignments:

Students will be given tests regularly to prepare for them for state examinations and to check for comprehension. Students should prepare for examinations by studying reviews completed during the module. Students will not receive credit for class modules unless they pass the end of module test and practical application lab assessment.

Quiz Assignments for Daily Grade:

 Variety of questions over content. Students are expected to complete assignments on time. Essay answer paragraphs should be at least 4 sentences long. Follow directions and write answers in your own words. Sanitation Lab Daily Grade: Students are expected to clean and sanitize all areas of the lab daily or as specified by state regulations. Students are expected to follow safety and sanitation protocols while working in the Cosmetology Department.

Client Lab Daily Grade:

Students are expected to take clients for the enhancement of practical and customer service skills.

Practical Applications LAB Grade:

Students are expected to upload video of application or image of work as specified in directions. Students are expected to demonstrate safety and sanitation. Individual assignment grading criteria will be in each assignment.

Skills Demonstration Projects:

Students are expected to demonstrate applications of Cosmetology following protocols and creative demonstrations of applied Cosmetology applications.

Writing Assignments: Assignments should be read thoroughly and repeatedly, if necessary, prior to the class period in which they are due. Each class period students should bring all readings. When writing Paragraphs should be at least 4 sentences long and written in your own words.


                                           COURSE REQUIREMENTS & GRADING GUIDELINES


Grading guidelines

Daily: homework, class work, or pop test (pop quiz) salon sanitation, practical applications

The average of all points from Daily grades accounts for 70% of the six weeks grade.

Lab & Test: (major grades) chapter test, unit test, announced projects, client grades, skills demonstration projects or papers, etc

The average of all points from “TEST” & “LAB” grades accounts for 30% of the six weeks grade.




 is expected to emphasize important material that has been already taught by the teacher. Homework will not be given prior to instruction. For extenuating circumstances--where student will be absent due to extracurricular activities, it is the responsibility of the student to request the needed work. This request for missed work must be made in advance, and it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the teacher to receive assistance that is needed to understand/complete assigned work. Consideration of leave times, travel times, return times, etc…will be taken into account when assigning homework on evenings and nights of all extracurricular activities. Extracurricular events include FFA, UIL, Band, and Athletics or any other school sponsored event that students represent the school through participation. If homework assigned on the night of an extracurricular event and it is a concern of “being excessive,” contact the teacher first and the principal second, if no reasonable solution is acquired.


Makeup Work:

 Makeup Work Because of Absence A teacher may assign makeup work to a student who misses class based on instructional objectives and the needs of the student in mastering the essential knowledge and skills or meeting subject or course requirements. The student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the makeup work within the time specified by the teacher. A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

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